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Eden Bodyworks - Coconut Shea Styling - Natural Cleansing CoWash (16 oz.)

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Sulfate-free, no suds gentle cleansing conditioner cream for removing residue and build up between regular washings to promote a healthy hair environment for growth.  

Customer Reviews

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Heaven in a Jar

This has become a staple on wash day. 1st you get alot of product for the price its 16oz as oppose to the normal 8. It smells incredible, it cleanses hair as well as softens my hair. I have 4c hair and this is one of the few products after using I can see my curl pattern

Lovely Co Wash

I received this initially as a sample pack with one of my first purchases. The thought of Co washing never crossed my mind but this made me. Note my hair is extremely sensitive to coconut oil so I was hesitant to even try.. BUT LET ME TELL YOU!AMAZING AND BUTTERY ARE THE WORDS I WOULD USE TO DESCRIBE THIS ITEM. NOW I CO WASH AT TIMES AND THIS IS BECUZ OF THIS PRODUCT AS IT CLEANSeS WHILE MOISTURISE. . The perfect balance of clean and conditioning all wrapped up in this goodness!!!!!!!!

Perfection in a Jar

I Love this cowash. Moisturizing, great slip, makes my curls pop, smells so good and yummy.

My Go To Cleanser

Ive been using this co wash for about a year and have no plans on changing it anytime soon. It is part of my holy grail products because it cleanses my hair while leaving it moisturised and manageable. get alot for the price rather than just 8 ounces of product that you get with most other brands

Best Conditioner for Me!

Now I know it's Sunday and you may be busy but i need to tell ya this! OMG this product is the best I've ever had for hair loved it 100%. It was moisturized and soft and my curls came alive with this! I'm in love!

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