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Bentonite Clay

Posted on June 01 2019

If you’ve never tried Bentonite Clay before, trust me it’s everything that your hair has been missing. It is your wash day in one step. Not only does it do an excellent job at cleaning your hair, but it also conditions and detoxifies your hair and scalp. What more could you ask for?
I discovered Bentonite clay in my quest to find a shampoo that didn’t make my hair feel like saw dust, dry and brittle. I needed something that was as close to natural as I could get and based on the benefits that I found during my research, I just had to try it!
Here are some of the benefits that Bentonite clay provides for our hair and skin:

1. Oil Absorption
Instead of stripping away natural oils in an unhealthy manner with unnatural, and harsh chemical solutions, try using this all-natural clay mixture with water in order to properly remove oil from your skin! Instead of basically killing the oils on your skin, bentonite clay works to absorb that oil. It absorbs only the excess oil on the skin, while leaving the desired moisture levels on your face.

2. Hair Cleanser
Now remember, Bentonite Clay is not just useful for skin! But surprisingly, your hair can benefit from this as well! You may think putting clay in your hair sounds strange, which it is slightly. But, a combination of the bentonite clay powder with water can add some diversity to your hair routine. It can help absorb excess oil in your hair as well as product build-up, leaving it looking sleek and shiny. Just be careful to not let the clay mixture dry on your hair! 10-15 minutes is perfect!

3. Deodorant
Many mainstream deodorants are jam-packed with harmful chemicals that are no good for anyone and have known carcinogens in them! Since bentonite clay absorbs oils and moisture so well, it makes sense that this could also function to fight off body odor as well. This absorption of moisture allows for you to apply a mixture of bentonite clay and water to any odorous areas, and the clay will absorb the odor-filled moisture.

Check the video to see how I make a Bentonite Clay Mask for my hair and skin.

Ranique John

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