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Skin Essence Barbados

Skin Essence Barbados is proud to introduce the of Skin Essence Organics product line.  When Skin Essence Organics was developed nearly 20 years ago, the concept of using organic oils and extracts on the skin was relatively unknown. Formulating these products started by thoroughly studying each ingredient on thousands of people’s skin, observing their individual effects before spending years delicately balancing them to obtain the best possible results.  The product line includes facial cleansers, exfoliant/masks, moisturisers and skin softening/treatment balms.  
Skin Essence Organics Overview
Skin Essence Organics has formulated a premium organic skin care line which starts with sourcing the highest quality ingredients from around the world. Each bottle is filled entirely with nature’s extracts and each product is designed to nourish, heal, and hydrate the skin providing exceptional results while also completely avoiding the use of fillers, preservatives, and synthetic chemicals. Each product is carefully made in small batches and contained in amber glass to ensure optimum purity and freshness.  The result is a completely natural and concentrated product, which has been proven to help persons achieve beautiful, healthy, and glowing skin.
What makes Skin Essence Organics unique?
Skin Essence Organics believes in natural healing and the benefits found in nature’s extracts.  We believe that what you use on your skin should be free from harmful substances, naturally grown, and environmentally friendly; this is why the ingredients used in our formulations are certified by USDA and our product line is certified by ECOCERT.
·         Certified organic ingredients
·         Cold pressed extracts
·         No preservatives, chemicals or fillers
·         Eco friendly packaging
·         Fair trade
·         Cruelty free
·         Vegan friendly
·         Non GMO
·         Gluten free
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