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something dope for beards

Posted on October 01 2017

Background to B-I-G is pretty simple really.

I had been growing my beard for a few years using nothing to nurture, tame, or moisturize it and it used to be dry and wirey (is that a word? wire-like lol), but honestly I wasn't really studying it too deep. All the same, guys would rate it up wherever I went and I started to notice that more and more beardren were surfacing at home in Barbados.

Anyhow, one day scrolling thru my IG i realized there was little to no representation for beard growers/lovers from the West Indies, so that sparked my thought - yo i should just create my own beard brand to support the beard life in the islands you know. I already was running Brand Evolve - a conscious streetwear label, so I figured why not do something dope for beards and particularly island beards - *tuhnah* the Beard Island Gang was born.

But it was only when I my friend Deb (she makes original organic hair and skin care products) at the farmers/craft markets where we would hustle our gear asked me about doing a beard balm did the bell really go off!!! lol 

I was like YO! that's a great idea - I can combine that with the tees and hoods!

So we took a few months of testing and trials to produce the 3 blends that we currently run on the market.

Since the drop, it's been just a matter of introducing it to more and more local, caribbean and international beardren (and sistren who trying to help their men out) and pushing the brand socially to get more BIG gangsters on board! ;)

I love it alot! It's fun and fresh and I think it will simply grow organically as people see the results of healthy growth, fullness, softness, moisture and a pleasing scent from a niche brand like ours. 

Rhaj Paul

Chief Beardren


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