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Welcome to Tsalach!

Posted on October 30 2017

First of all, let me welcome you to Tsalach Natural Products, a company started almost three years ago on what I can now call a leap of faith.  Sitting at the desk of my former job, I was only looking for “extra income” as opposed to a brand new career path.  Clearly that was not how God intended as eventually I quit my job, and launched full time into soap-making, which has now turned into a full organic product line. 

Entrepreneurship is filled with many challenges (note: I did not refer to them as problems) especially in the initial stages.  You have a great idea or ideas but then the execution usually has you stumped.  Where do I go with this? How do I get from idea to actuality? For me I was so excited to be making soaps and having people buy and like them, that I never thought about things like business plans, marketing, packaging, product research and the list goes on.  I only knew that I liked doing this and I get paid.  That’s it!

Then over time (yes over time) you realise that being a business owner is so much more.  It takes faith, hardwork and determination, and just as important -passion.  You cannot be successful without being passionate about what you do.  A genuine love, and fire for what you are doing is vital.  Too many times we forget about that element. 

So ask yourself, that dream that you have about that idea, can you actually for lack of a better term taste it? It’s as if you know you can do it, you just know, it consumes your thoughts and would not let you rest.  When you see anything remotely similar to what you want to do you gravitate towards it. (like a magnet)

My advice, take that plunge, you know that you won’t be settled until you do.

Sherry-Ann Battershield

Owner/Founder - Tsalach Natural Products


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