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Demystifying the Wash and Go

Posted on October 15 2017

One thing that completely surprises new naturals is their curl pattern. If you’re transitioning after chemically altering your hair’s texture for years with texturizers or relaxers, you can’t know what to expect. Many naturalistas have transitioned because they look forward to being able to wash their hair, shake, and head out the door (also known as the wash and go). It sounds easy and appealing… until you try it, and your hair doesn’t look at all like you had hoped. That doesn’t mean you can’t pull off the wash and go. I believe every naturalista can enjoy the freedom of washing their hair and styling with minimal manipulation and setting. However, it’s important that you perfect your technique.

Get to know your hair’s texture. Do a wash and go when you don’t have anything to do or anywhere to go for a day or two. Make a note of what your hair looks like when dry. Is the shrinkage bearable? Do you like the cut? How can you shape your hair so that you like the style? Are there multiple textures throughout your hair?

Consider a haircut and color. See a professional to get your hair cut and colored in the desired shape that appeals to you. Layers and highlights could make all the difference for your wash and go. And keeping your ends trimmed may prove even more beneficial to your style.

Perfect your wash day routine. Check out our techniques for washing your hair. It’s important to still adequately clean and condition your hair. Detangling is also important here.

Accept the fact that your perfect wash and go may still require you to do a little manipulation. Some naturalistas may feel that they have the perfect kinks, curls and coils and opt to only detangle and go. However, finger coiling, shingling and teasing may be needed to encourage your hair to be perfectly shaped. Use products with moisturizers and holding gels or waxes to shape your look. Try Coconut Shea Curl Defining Crème or Wonder Curl Get Set Hair Jelly.

Don’t forget the accessories. Use headbands, elastic bands and pins to better achieve your desired look. A part on the side with a pin may be great for short to medium hair. Long hair may work swept to the side or pushed up in an updo.

Nouri Pa Nati


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