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Five Ways to Stop Hair Breakage

Posted on September 15 2017

What causes hair damage and hair breakage? Getting to the cause of hair breakage is critical if you are going to reverse the problem and begin to see healthy hair and experience rapid growth.

You have got to take the time to figure out what works for and against you, so that you can avoid the challenges of hair breakage. Of course, while hair breakage may be the result of the things we are doing to it and not for our hair, it is also important to note that other reasons can lead to hair loss.

For example, some health conditions can contribute to hair loss or poor hair integrity like hypothyroidism. Certain manipulations such as excessive combing or brushing can inadvertently strip our hair as can the application of hair dye, heat without thermal protectants, relaxers or even hair tints, leaving hair susceptible to unwanted dryness and breakage. 

From our split ends to breakage that starts at the root of our hair, hair damage can prove to be our absolute worst enemy in the pursuit of healthy, long hair.  

So. What can you do to stop breakage? 

Know Your Hair Type

One of the best ways to support your efforts to prevent hair breakage is to know your hair type. Knowing your hair type helps you to make better decisions about the products you use on your hair, the frequency in which you wash and condition your hair and the methods in which you choose to style your hair. Curlier, kinky, coily hair is a drier texture of hair, and therefore, you must understand what products will best hydrate your hair.  

Recognize the Cause of Your Hair Damage

Want to know what’s causing your hair damage? Take a little time to study your hair care activities. How often are you washing your hair? What type of products are you using? Are your hairstyle choices contributing to the breakage?

Keep in mind that your daily hair care practices and styling regimens may have a direct effect on your hair. Wearing your braids and twists too long or too tight may lead to breakage of your hair. Ponytails are another hairstyle that can create too much tension on hair and contribute to baldness along your edges.  

Finally, examine your nightly hair care regimen. Invest in satin bonnet or scarf to protect your hair from damage and breakage.  

Examine Your Heat Regimen

Who said that flat irons are not permissible for naturalistas? While some may balk at the idea of applying heat to their natural locks, other natural divas live for their flatirons or silk presses. If you happen to be among those who live for their flat irons, use them with caution and follow the necessary procedure of protecting your hair with a thermal protectant. Irons now contain materials like ceramic and tourmaline. They use infrared technology which helps to reduce the risk of damage to your hair. You must take the additional steps to protect your hair and be careful of excessive heat application, high heat settings or risk causing damage to those glorious, natural locks.  

Moisturize and Condition Your Hair

Hydrate your hair. Hydration creates hair flexibility and strength in hair. Know your hair porosity and use deep conditioners and protein treatments to sustain a healthy balance. Poorly moisturized hair will lead to damage and breakage. 

Keep Your Ends Neat

Even natural hair deserves and requires a regular trim. Keeping those ends in tip-top shape will ensure that your ends do not become the cause of hair breakage.

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