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Easy Steps to Get Rid of Dry Scalp

Posted on July 15 2019

Dandruff is one of the many causes of dry scalp but it is important to know that the two conditions are distinct. Understanding the difference between dandruff and a dry scalp can help with choosing the right treatment. Dandruff causes the scalp to flake and may cause visible flakes on clothing or in the hair. In some cases, it is due to a fungal or other scalp infection. Dry scalp, by contrast, occurs when the scalp does not produce or hold enough moisture. Dandruff damages the scalp’s outer surface of the skin cells, it also damages the skin’s natural moisture defenses that keep the scalp nourished.

Having a dry scalp can cause constant itchiness and soreness which can eventually become frustrating. But if you do these simple things you can fix the dryness before it gets to the itching. 

You should start by washing your hair with a gentle shampoo. Something that won’t pull all the moisture from your hair. As I Am – Olive & Tea Tree Oil Shampoo fights dry and itchy scalp, fights dandruff, and gently removes product build up and environmental impurities from the hair and scalp.

Follow up that step by conditioning with a moisturizing conditioner or a deep conditioner

Alikay Naturals – Honey & Sage Deep Conditioner is an excellent humectant based deep treatment for getting maximum moisture into dry damaged hair.

Next, you should oil your hair. If your hair is wet or even damp then the oil will absorb into the roots of your hair a lot faster, while also making your hair soft. If you prefer drying your hair before oiling it, then try wrapping your hair with a warm damp towel afterwards. This will give the same effect as oiling your hair before it dries completely.

There are a number of different oils that you can use to moisturize your hair. Coconut oil, Tea tree oil , Black castor oil  and jojoba oil are few. All of which will help moisturize dry scalp and replenish damaged hair.

And last but not least, before you go to bed, put on a satin hair cap. This will lock in the moisture and keep the oils in your hair instead of on your pillow.

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