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LottaBody For The Naturalistas?

Posted on June 15 2019

Yes! You read that correctly the first time around. While you may recognize the brand Lottabody for their setting lotion primarily used on relaxed hair, the well-known brand launched into the natural hair market a few years ago. Lottabody now offers a line of styling products that will work for all the naturalistas. Known for their quality formulas and affordable prices, Lottabody continues to be a favorite amongst consumers and professionals alike. 

With formulas made with coconut oil and shea butter, these hair care products are rich in natural emollients that leave hair soft and silky. Many styling products can be harsh on our hair, and for curly hair textures in need of great hold, the formulas can become more harsh. The Lottabody styling products have received rave reviews for not leaving hair heavy, crunchy, or weighed down. From the styling mousse to the leave in treatment, every product in the new collections offer gentle hold without piling on the harsh chemicals found in other product lines. On its own, each of these oils provide a number of benefits that aid in maintaining healthy hair and make styling much easier. Together, these essential oils hydrate the hair, add moisture and brilliant shine, help tame frizz and enhance curl definition, leaving the hair soft and nourished. 

The Lottabody line boasts that it offers great hold while still moisturizing your strands to fight frizz minus the heavy silicones. So if you are in the market for a lightweight shape holding formula that won’t leave your hair too greasy or too dry, check out their options that are packed with natural moisturizers. You should be able to achieve great styling power without flaking, shrinkage, or moisture loss. Best of all, these hair styling solutions are said to give long-lasting all day hold results to popular styles such as: twist and braid outs, flexi rod sets, crochet braids and protective styles. These products will work well with all textures of hair, from the curly, coily and kinkiest of hair textures!

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